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School Information

Governing Council

The Governing Council consists of parents elected at the Annual General Meeting, a representative of Parent Club, a Staff member elected by the Staff, and the school Principal. The Governing Council meets twice a term on set dates outlined at the AGM.

All parents are invited to participate. It often happens that people are prepared to join committees but we are unaware of their willingness. If you are interested or if you require further information, please let any member of Parent Club or Governing Council know.

Parent Club

This club serves the parents of children attending the school, and provides an opportunity for them to meet each other once a month. Parent Club supports the school in fundraising activities with money raised going towards, schools resources & camps.

School Hours

Organisation Time 8:55am
Start of Day 9:00am
Recess 11:00 to 11:20am
Lunch 1:20 to 2:00pm
End of the day 3:15pm

School Uniform

Moorak Primary School Governing Council endorses the dress code policy for the for the following reasons. Application to enrol at Moorak Primary School is taken as taken as acceptance to wear appropriate dress code.

  • Signifies that we are part of the Moorak school community
  • Uniquely identifies our school
  • Reduces peer group pressure and competition regarding brand names and expensive clothing
  • Clothes are readily available at retail places, colours are popular and serviceable
  • No arguments /debates during morning routine
  • Good clothes are kept in good condition for out of school and special occasions

Essentially our dress code consists of navy (jumpers, trousers etc) and blue (polo tops, stripes etc) supplied from Hyland Fox orders can be made from the school in the second and second to last week of every term

Dress code components

  • Blue and white checked dress (girls)
  • Navy pants, shorts, skirts or skorts (including mid to dark blue denim – with minimal or no decoration and navy tracksuit pants)
  • Navy blue polo top / skivvy
  • Navy windcheater plain / with pale blue stripes

It is school policy that school broad brimmed hats must be worn. Hats are available for purchase from the front office.

Scarves and beanies should also be in navy and / or pale blue colourings.

Staff Members

Principal Peter Mitchinson
Teaching Staff
Preschool Lauren Baudinette
Science/Technology Penne Paltridge
Reception Jodie Doll
Year 1/2 Madi Wilson
Year 1/2 Sarah Hocking
Year 3/4/5 Kym Hammond
Year 5/6/7 Libby Altorfer
Site Support
Finance/Administration Karen Wright / Joy Taylor
Library Support Vicki Gabriel
Preschool Support Tatum Ashcroft
Classroom Support Christy Wallace
Classroom Support Jo Reid
Classroom Support Kate Ellis
Classroom Support Angela Hein
IT Support Steven Grosvenor
Groundsperson Gary Trahar
Cleaners Menzies International

Term Dates

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
2018 29 January  –
13 April
30 April  –
6 July
23 July  –
28 September
15 October  –
14 December
2019 29 January  –
12 April
29 April  –
5 July
22 July  –
27 September
14 October  –
13 December
2020 28 January –
9 April
27 April –
3 July
20 July –
25 September
12 October –
11 December
2021 1 February –
16 April
3 May –
9 July
26 July –
1 October
18 October –
17 December

This information is current as of December 2017.