Welcome to Moorak Primary School

At Moorak Primary School & Preschool we are committed to providing:

  • a balanced and relevant curriculum, promoting life long learning
  • a safe and caring learning environment
  • learning opportunities that cater for individual needs
  • opportunities for community involvement

We value and will:

  • Respect ourselves, others and the environment around us. RESPECT
  • Take responsibility for our actions, learning and behaviour. RESPONSIBILITY
  • Be honest and demonstrate a considered sense of fairness. INTEGRITY
  • Cooperate and work collaboratively, leading or following as the situation demands. COLLABORATION
  • Remain focused and look for ways to reach our goals. NEVER giving up! PERSISTENCE
  • Manage and learn from difficulties and mistakes, bouncing back and being self-reliant. RESILIENCE

Moorak Primary & Preschool is located in a rural setting 5km from Mount Gambier. The student population consists of students local to the area and also those from Mount Gambier who choose to access a small school environment. Moorak is a part of the Blue Lake Partnership of schools and kindergartens, across the Mount Gambier area.  We cater for a steady student population ranging between 110 and 130 students in the school and 22 in the Preschool. Moorak Primary is committed to the development of a challenging curriculum with an emphasis on thinking skills, positive learner dispositions and a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. Specialist learning areas for all students include Japanese, Science, the Arts and Technology. Optional interest areas include Choir, Instrumental Music Service, Pedal Prix and after school sports.

Moorak Primary School prides itself on knowing and respecting each student and family. Relationships are developed through curriculum activities and celebrations, including whole-school assemblies, camps and school concerts, as well as participating in the annual district sports days. Opportunities are available for students to work with different ages and interest groups through our Better Buddy Program and Reading Mentor Program. Students are encouraged to have a voice through an active Student Council and Student Leadership Team.

The school has proactive support and participation from the school community. We have strong participation in our Governing Council and Parent Club.

Moorak Primary and Preschool continues to place student learning and the individual student at the centre of all that we do. A committed and highly professional team of staff deliver high quality learning programs. The support of parents through Governing Council, Parent Club or volunteering within the classroom programs continues to be a highlight.

Moorak Primary and Preschool School Values

Moorak Primary and Preschool values developed by Staff, Students and Parents

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