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School Uniform

Moorak Primary School Governing Council endorses the dress code policy for the for the following reasons. Application to enrol at Moorak Primary School is taken as taken as acceptance to wear appropriate dress code.

  • Signifies that we are part of the Moorak school community
  • Uniquely identifies our school
  • Reduces peer group pressure and competition regarding brand names and expensive clothing
  • Clothes are readily available at retail places, colours are popular and serviceable
  • No arguments /debates during morning routine
  • Good clothes are kept in good condition for out of school and special occasions

Our school dress code reflects our school colours – navy and sky blue.

Dress code components

  • Blue and white checked dress
  • Navy pants, shorts, skirts or skorts (including mid to dark blue denim – with minimal or no decoration and navy tracksuit pants)
  • Navy and sky blue school polo
  • Navy and sky blue hoodie or jacket

In line with the school Sunsmart policy, broad brimmed hats must be worn when the UV rating is 3 or above. Hats with the school logo can be purchased from Hip Pocket in Mount Gambier.

Scarves and beanies should also be in navy and / or light blue colourings.

Purchasing of uniform items with school logo can be made through Hip Pocket in Mount Gambier.